“…particularly because I couldn’t interrupt much as my kid kept calling me to her bedside.”

Is that why you kept going off camera? 🙂

I was about to post a question, but it was less than 5 minutes to the end and I thought that might not be enough time to discuss, so I held back. Now I’m wishing I had asked, so I’ll ask it here: Most, if not all (I’m not sure), of the participants in the hangout are teachers in higher ed. What does the concept of open scholarship look like in, say, a high school classroom in California, an elementary classroom in Finland, or a middle school classroom in Eastern Washington (to draw on three contexts from this year’s CLMOOC group)?

Suzan touched on this in her last comment, when she argued that we should design learning spaces that allow emergence to happen, but I would like to talk more about what this looks like, especially in a K-12 context.

Maybe that should be a blog post for me…maybe this is the kind of conversation that we need to multiply across contexts? For example, I need to talk about it with other high school teachers, elementary teachers need to talk with other elementary teachers, and so forth, in addition to the cross-context conversations we are already having?