As one of the people who suggested the buy one/get one model on Twitter, I just want to chime in and say that I think if this is a goal it needs to fall on the shoulders of the broader DoOO community, not RH. As Tim points out, RH is already doing a lot of subsidizing and trying to balance keeping prices affordable while making the enterprise sustainable. And as Jim pointed out on Twitter, the admin overhead of a buy one/get one project is not insignificant and shouldn’t fall just on RH.

I also think it’s important to make sure people understand the costs of an enterprise and subsidizing can mask that in ways that are unintentionally harmful. People who can afford their own domain/hosting should pay a fair price for it. I’m more concerned (as I think Maha is) with the people who are left out of the conversation because they lack the means. Their voices are already marginalized and I think finding a way for those voices to be heard is important.

I look forward to continuing to talk about what is feasible, fair, and ethical on this front.