So here I get to what I discussed above about hosting on something “free” (as in free beer) like or Blogger or GitHub pages. There are free options that works in a framework that I want for my connected course (an RSS feed that is sane).

Do they really own it then?

Well they would have to spend money to have I wanted that but some kitchen company got that before I could stake my claim (love that term @cogdog) so I settle for (similar to your choice Maha).

But they can be just fine with (I have that, yay me) in the meantime. Is it their “own” domain? No, but that is not the point. They still get their space that they control (mostly) and can pack it up (easy export/import) and pitch their tent somewhere else.

I did. My site was a (I paid hosting to experiment with their offer of services too) then moved it later.

Wonderful conversation here.

(copy/pasting before posting, just in case. Winks at @cogdog)