Here is one reason why I hesitate setting up a university sponsored/funded DoOO here at my institution. Control of content (real or perceived) creeps in. I had this discussion this morning with my #TC2027 (Computer and Information Security) students. That point did come up. So I prefer to have them go out and create their own setup wherever they like (free hosting on, getting hosting at Reclaim or other) and work their RSS into our workflow.

My other reason for not setting up DoOO here is what Jim mentioned elsewhere (Twitter?) that if there isn’t a support structure in place then it will be doomed to fail. I’m a full-time faculty member, this setup of infrastructure and hacking is easy for me since I’m that way and have done it for decades (I’ll claim late AND early membership to #EduPunk). I ain’t got time to support a posse of faculty trying to figure this out. I really want them to do it and evangelize whenever I can but need someone at my institution to setup the people to support a rollout.