Very good question. I often go solutions first, so is there a way to help those that do not have credit cards or easy access to other payment options. Could an organization be created to develop domain hosting for those without access to pay or ability to pay.

Bigger question is related to Audrey’s post. Do we own anything? There are somethings. My wedding ring, my clothes…

What do we not own? My home. The bank is leasing it to me through a loan, but I do not own it. I must keep up its value and maintain insurance to be able to recover the cost of damage, for the bank, if an accident happens. Once I finish making the bank a lot of money by paying of the loan in 21 years, then the home owners associating has rules on what I can do with it, I am still pay property taxes (fees to enable access by roads and utilities), and the government could claim the property through public domain laws. So, I am paying to living there, more freedom than an apartment, but not full ownership.

It is an important discussion you started. Thank you