So Egyptians can survive pretty well without ever using credit card. Most older people don’t have credit cards (my dad did; my mom never did). People of our generation usually pirate things like music and such 🙂 Uber accepts cash here. And then when someone really needs to pay for something online they ask for help. E.g. My colleague asks me to pay for her and she pays me back. In my office there is a shared business credit card ppl can use for work-related stuff. So..yeah…some people can survive pretty well without one. And I am talking people who are well off but haven’t been working long enough to get a credit card. Parents don’t always trust their kids w credit cards. And there’s fear of hacking. People who are less well off might not even have bank accounts altogether, let alone credit cards. And some people may be morally opposed to credit cards because of interest rates when you pay late and such.