The difference between owning where u live and renting where u live is HUGE and equally an important thing for people in the US and Egypt. Owning a house means u can build stuff inside it and know it remains safely yours (natural disasters and theft notwithstanding). You are responsible for keeping it safe (e.g. locking etc) vs rental – landlord changes terms periodically and you could get kicked out if rent goes up or such. If you invest in it (eg renovations) you lose all that when you move out and no one owes you a thing. And that’s pretty much what owning a domain is. If you don’t pay again next year, no one owes you anything. It’s a huge risk we take and I only take it because I truly trust Reclaim Hosting. To protect my site and to hold it for me if I am a little bit late paying (Tim Owens did it for once and even gave us a complementary year off)