Very interesting thoughts. I have two main thoughts about this topic: When people rent an apartment, they don’t really refer to it as “the apartment I rent” or whatever. They still same “my apartment” or “I finally have a place of my own!” There is a part of ownership mindset that still extends to what we rent.

But it is a good idea to have people think in these terms – the ones you blog about here – because it brings the importance of maintaining a website to the forefront. In other words, do something with it or it may slip away.

The other thing relates to what students do with their domain after they graduate. We are looking at that at UTA as we roll out DoOO. The first thing that we are keeping in mind is that students do pay for it since the money to fund the hosting will come from their student fees eventually. Or if they want a full domain instead of a subdomain, they have to pay for that up front. But we are exploring how to let them keep that space after they graduate. This is very attractive to the university, as it can help us see what happens after they graduate, and how we can improve their experience while here. We may do something like, “if you will blog about your current work transition every 3 months or do, you can continue to have subsidized hosting through us.” Not sure how that will work, but it is something we are exploring. If anything, they can easily transfer over to an individual Reclaim Hosting account if they don’t want to or can’t continue with us.