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hi Vanessa thanks for your comment. Agree so much on the variability of when we prefer certain modes over others; I think what I prefer for MOOCs might not work for me well when I have to actually grade students for work, for example. And of course diff things work for diff ppl.

I think the major thing about forums is that for a smaller groups you can try to deal with the info overload and still get an idea of what’s been going on; with larger sizes it is impossible and probably fruitless to try. I like how in edcmooc there was a thread for each of the course materials of the week (Reading/video) and we could then choose to discuss only the one we were interested in; I like how in rhizo14 there was just the one broad topic of the week that we were all talking about… but in other places where you know you can pick and choose which thing to engage with, sometimes I’m tempted to try it all, then I get overwhelmed.
So for #octel I tried to do forums again, and even though I enjoyed them, I just can’t keep up with them, so I think I’ll be a bit selfish and go back to my “current” comfort zone of blogs & twitter

I am thinking a LOT about aggregation (have been for a while now) and getting tips from ppl here and there but still not finding my fave place… I tend to find one of the easier ones to use but it’s limiting. I used to love Mendeley for academic refs but u lose the links to ur docs when u switch PCs which sucks 🙁