Thanks for this Maha. Think there’s room for a discussion on how important to society teachers and others who enhance our lives are. In appreciation for being given knowledge it might be up to the receiver / student to accommodate the teacher’s needs too. My aortic valve was shredded by bacteria transferred to me by an apprentice who came to work with pneumonia. She should have stayed a away for a little but as single Mom she was also feeling precarious and dared not miss the certainty of work.

Yes it’s an extreme case and the fact is I would have never denied her instruction and work time on the possibility that the worst would happen. So silly me I guess?

OR maybe there’s foolish lack of selfishness in teachers that needs some protection? That contact with the public in periods of contagion is riskier than it used to be and we are measuring with obligations from less risky times? Things have changed and new conditions might redefine how we gather and share of ourselves but how do we capture all the human features of educational culture, like falling in love with a classmate and other unplanned marvels that pop up when people are TOGETHER?