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Hi Maha, thanks for the reminder, the blended course has gotten away from us. Leslie was saying yesterday her first goal was to start a discussion on Universal Design for Learning. I think her purpose, like yours, seems to be is to get people to declare their teaching “style” which also speaks to their own ways of learning. Experience here is that adults need to Know the Intro to Blended Learning she’s thinking of will be relevant and usable.

Maddie’s right about letting the instructors experience some sort of blended course first. The theory driving the call for blended has not really been announced so I called the big shots in Advanced Education here and got a few answers for Leslie that I’ll share when I get caught up. My initial sense is blending going to be an open door to the world outside school here where students learn but in-class and also being credited for “outside” work.

Right away I see this as moving from mono-sourcing information from teachers / schools to multi-sourcing. This changes the dynamics of the teaching relationship which makes Maddie’s call for experiencing a blended course all the more important. Our instructors are sick of top-down orders without any explanation and this potential sharing of “authority” embedded in blended is just the type of message that makes them feel powerless.

As you can see I’ve already stolen a bunch of ideas from your blog and and replies. Do I really need to do the course work too:-)?