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Hi Maha, Thanks for sharing all those links through this post.

Am not sure how relevant this would be to your blended course but I think before designing one, it is important to participate in a few and analyse what works and what doesn’t. I think it’s important for the faculty to experience a blended learning course for themselves before designing one.

As for teaching technologies, do you mean apps, tools, softwares? There are effective teachers who know how to build authentic learning experiences and then there are those who know how to use technology. It is important to build rich learning experiences and not just teach technology. To learn how to use tech in learning, one shouldn’t be learning how to share a google doc but to communicate effectively and engage in discussion.

Technology has only added to the repository of tools that are available to teachers for examples flipped classrooms are an efficient way to deliver/present direct content, online portfolios allow direct access to students’ knowledge and understanding and so on. So I think it’s more important to understand how technology in education can be used to deliver effective learning experiences to the students and identify aspects in a course that can be efficiently handled through the use of technology.

Hope am making sense 🙂