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Loss of identity is a good way into this topic. How others see us is important to our social place and outward behaviors. And of course a practical identifier for the authorities to use for control. Inside, identity to me means the total operating system of the self. The knowing that tells us we are at home when we meet it.

One of the reasons I wouldn’t speak to the cancer clinic psychologist (even if offered) is identity is the last I want “officials” or their “agents” rummaging around in. Might be better if I think about this a bit more–deeper than I want to go right now.

Will check out Philip Dick again, used to read a lot of Sci-Fi and should remember this story.

Opened up a contact at the cancer clinic. My first reaction is different understandings of how the world works is separating us from speaking. No common language to describe experience can come from miss-matched imaginings of reality. OR maybe it is necessary that we carry different realities. More later.