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Hi Maha, I’ve downloaded the Edward Said article to read later. And yes it’s very important to understand how others perceive us. Probably the most important thing to me in my medical thing right now is why I was cut off from contact with my Oncologist. It sounds like an obsession (it is!) but the silence makes me feel erased and that’s danger of the silencing of dialog.

Misunderstood, right, wrong is tangible and can have an understandable reason and logic. A closed connection is like denying the existence of pigs, a blankness in our spirit. We need words to stop us from wandering into the bleak emptiness of non-connection. Some evidence of activity marks our presence and denying it is worse than a lie so at least the burial of the Palestinian voice resonates and disallows erasure.

I bet you were aware of this stuff very early in life? From you parents you think?

As an experiment in focusing I’m going to read Carol P. Christ’s “Diving Deep and Surfacing” all the way through. I’m stealing her ideas anyway.