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Have to come back to the Fedwiki thing but find the writing of history topic personally interesting. As I’m ground through the cancer treatment machine it’s hard to believe how impersonal and detached it seems to be a silent participant. To me this connects to the experience of repeated demonstrations against the war in Vietnam and being labeled simple “agitators.” When many of us had our futures altered no one seemed to notice. And really the worst off were the ones’ who died as statistics in a pointless war and those who returned to be shunned by people who supported the war as long as they could classify soldiers as a kind noble statuary.

Or your recent blog misunderstood in the form of being recreated in someone else’s mind as if you were an object of optional definition or knowing by any means that suits the knower rather than describes you the effective, fully operational intelligent human.

I wonder if we can write about the disappeared and unknown people we sometimes are if we can’t allow for versions that arise from context? That get us “wrong” and mess up all we want to be?