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Hi Mura, thanks for this. I don’t think I care so much about quantity as about asking questions of power. So I recognize for example that in terms of quantity I am just one person among many in fedwiki but in terms of power i may have a good amount of it… But the case of the 1973 war is a case of who has the power to write history and what are the implications for everyone involved? It is not a fedwiki problem, of course, but I was wondering aloud how fedwiki would weigh in on a problem like that, and that having multiple versions available might not be as empowering as it seems in cases like this. Or it might. I am not sure 🙂
P.S. btw you’re the one I talk about in my blogpost above when i say i am not sure if there are other non-native speakers because i talk to you but don’t know a lot about you 🙂