Equity Unbound Workshop: How well does #ChatGPT (or any AI tool) do on our writing assignments? How do we adapt? #openai

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Are you wondering how well AI tools like ChatGPT can generate text in response to the writing assignments you give? Could or should you adapt your prompts to prevent students from using ChatGPT and missing out on learning? How can revising prompts to encourage intrinsic motivation help? Would you do something else altogether?

Join Anna Mills and me (Maha Bali) for a workshop where we experiment with different variations of academic writing prompts, trying them on the AI text generator ChatGPT. Anna Mills has written an article with Lauren Goodlad of the Critical AI Institute on “Adapting College Writing for the Age of Large Language Models Such As ChatGPT: Some Next Steps for Educators.” She curates the resource list  “AI Text Generators and Teaching Writing: Starting Points for Inquiry,” Maha has been tweeting and blogging about this topic, too, such as about possibilities for developing cultures of transparent reflection in assessments, on use of AI among other resources.

Register here; then, if interested, submit your assignment prompt to this Google doc after you register, and we’ll pick a few to work with, to find ways to modify the prompt to make it more inspiring and motivating or make it more difficult for ChatGPT to answer. We’ll try some prompts live and modify them.

This session will be recorded, and later uploaded to YouTube.There will also be a few breakout room activities, and opportunities to experiment yourself with different AI tools (Sudowrite, JasperAI, and You.com which all build off of ChatGPT or its cousin GPT-3) in small groups.

Bring your children or students if they’re interested: we already know some middle school, high school, and university students use AI to some extent in their writing. 

Date: Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Time: 7pm Cairo, 5pm GMT, 9am PT. Converted to your timezone below

Time converter at worldtimebuddy.com

Here is the YouTube recording of the session (added immediately after the session):

Image by Sarah Richter from Pixabay (The cat with wings flying after the bird is such a creative and interesting image, I hope it makes you think!)

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