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#eMOOCS2015 Flipping Conferences, teacher bots, rhizomes, learner analytics and a hangout

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Today, Rebecca Hogue and I teamed up virtually with our buddy Whitney who was onsite at the #eMOOCs2015 conference in Mons, Belgium. This was our first attempt to expand the “virtual buddy” pilot/experiment we had tried at et4online to other conferences. Since Whitney was at the #eMOOCs2015 conference, she facilitated the onsite connection.

On my side and Rebecca’s, we got in touch with organizer Inge de Waard, and keynote speakers Sian Bayne and Dave Cormier, and blogged announcing the hangout and inviting others to join virtually.

We got an incredibly diverse group from 7 countries and 3 timezones: Sharon from Australia, Aras (Turkey), Sue (UK), Keith (US) and of course me (Egypt), Rebecca (Canada this week), Whitney, Inge and Sian (Belgium – Dave couldn’t make it) 

We talked about the flipped model of the conference and how it changed thedynamics  of the f2f and the adjustments made with Pecha Kucha and more interaction… Sian talked briefly about how the teacher bot used in #edcmooc challenged traditional notionsof what it meant to automate certain aspectsod teaching. Dave couldn’t join but Inge shared parts of his talk and many of us were rhizo15 so we talked a bit about it. Then the conf wifi died on us,cbut Aras saved the day with some visualizations he had prepared about rhizo15, edcmooc and emoocs2015

Here is the hangout if you wanna watch it

And Sian’s paper and Aras’ slides on slideshare

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