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First I love that this course will combine education and technology. (Wish I can attend or participate in any way)

As for the title, I think if I were choosing a course to take I would pick this:
Educational Technology: Equity issues in Social Media, Artificial Intelligence, and Access to Education

I would say that since it’s a capstone course then maybe students can work on a big project but sort of refine it throughout the semester. (Eg. Since day 1 they would know what their final deliverable would be, and they’ll work towards it throughout the semester and all other small activities would somehow contribute to this big thing)

I’m no expert when it comes to the “what” but maybe get students to be in touch with schools which incorporated technology recently, and maybe they can explore the transition and how each student is experiencing this transition.

I personally enjoyed the MOOC we did in the diglit class so yes yes to having one in this course as well! 🙂
The newswatch magazine is such a great idea too!
They can have something similar to what Sherri Spelic did with us. (if that’s possible)
Maybe a critical view of digital/educational games?

Issues like harassment on social media, child exposure to the digital world and how this affects their perspective as they grow, maybe the values of the data on digital platforms and how it affects relationships and family bonds, how digital platforms affect students’ approach to learning, and their receptiveness of info (I have no idea if this is related to the course scope but it might help in getting other ideas out there)

I’m sure it will be a great, enriching course! Best of luck, prof. <3