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Facilitating #DigPINS @AUC This Summer inshallah

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I’m really excited to be facilitating DigPINS @AUC this summer inshallah! The AUC site is at and this is just my first post just to get started.

Here is my Alternative CV introducing myself in an unconventional way, focusing on what is valuable to me, rather than what I can put on my CV:

4 thoughts on “Facilitating #DigPINS @AUC This Summer inshallah

  1. Rebecca says:

    I love your uncommon CV 🙂

    1. Maha Bali says:


  2. Can’t see the content on the slides…It’s loading…..It seems that the problem is mine

    1. Maha Bali says:

      It’s just the one slide

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