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Why I Am Interested in #ccourses #ccresearch

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So here is just a quick post to explain why I am interested in doing #ccourses research, which we are tagging #ccresearch

I’ve already blogged a lot about my interest in researching the experiences of connect learners – what makes a connected learning experience work for people, how can we explain it to newbies and help them benefit from it, and all of these questions help people who want to design a connected learning experience to do it better.

#ccourses is supposed to be a course that helps educators think about how to plan their own connected learning experience in the future. So far, we’ve been reading and talking around the subject but not necessarily talking about our individual goals for creating connected courses; nor are the units directly creating building blocks to help someone think about creating a connected course. I actually love this, because it helps me think about all these important issues in depth, discussing with other people, and naturally coming to my own conclusions as to how this might influence how I would design my own connected course, if I get the chance.

But what I think is important to explore (but has not yet been explored) is this aspect of what makes a good connected learning experience?

I had an Anna Karenina moment about this the other day: are all good connected learners the same, but one who are not so connected are not connecting for different reasons?

I think good connected courses are not the same – I have enjoyed all of the following and they were each v different: rhizo14, edcmooc, clmooc, octel, nwoer, ccourses

The MOOCs were different, but when i engaged with them in a certain way, that’s when i benefited. I think for me personally, that way is similar across the courses, and when i do certain things, i benefit more, and of course the more a course encourages or motivates me to do those things, the better, but often it has to do with my own motivation and circumstances, plus what I do and how the course is designed.

So I am interested in #ccresearch because it is an avenue to ask those kinds of questions. Thanks again to Laura Gogia (one of her blogposts here and here, the new wordpress site for ccresearch here) for taking the lead on this. I look forward to more!

[note: links coming up soon]

6 thoughts on “Why I Am Interested in #ccourses #ccresearch

  1. A good connected learning experience can take many forms, as you say, Maha. I haven’t taken part in any MOOCs apart from this one but I’ve been part of online communities that come and go. Before I joined #ccourses I was feeling like I’d lost the connection with most of the loose social networks and it was making me feel sad, isolated. I think that the structure of #ccourses (and obviously those you mention) really helps because we have things we can do together. When I ‘met’ some of the people doing #ccourses I was really excited because they are so interesting, so passionate, so creative. I’m a little afraid of losing this connection as everyone goes on to different things, but I hope I will be able to stay connected to some – to you, hopefully, Maha. You are very generous in your online contribution and spirit.

    1. Hey Tania, my experience with cMOOCs and the like has been that I get really close to particular people and if we have a common space to talk like twitter or facebook, or following each others’ blogs, a space that we continue to use as we go about our daily lives, it helps keep the connections up. From the list of ppl i mention, i knew Kevin, Terry and Simon via rhizo14 last January (but had come across Kevin from a distance back in Nov), and met Susan and Mia (ok i didn’t mention her, but still) via clmooc (which i heard about via Kevin and Terry), and i met new wonderful people like you and the 3 Lauras 🙂 and the other Maha, and i also got to know Alan and Howard whom i had known ABOUT before but were not talking to each other, so… With my rhizo14 group and some of the clmooc group, we stay in touch regardless of MOOCs, but with others you find someone you know in another MOOC and it helps you feel less lonely as it starts. I really hope you write for us at edcontexts – all of them people i met online over the past year or so.

      1. Hey Maha, I’m amazed by how many MOOCs you’ve participated in. I suppose I knew they existed but didn’t realise they were open, and not to secondary teachers. It’s been mind blowing meeting you and other #ccourses people and having a peek at what else you’re all involved in. Most of all, it’s energizing interacting with people who love learning so much and want to connect through conversation or creating. I am not sure what edcontexts is but I am going to look it up. How’s the sleep?

        1. Ha! Funny i should ask about the sleep.. Just fell asleep while sitting w my mom in the living room (spending a few days at her place) then woke up energized (it’s still only 10:40pm… Ur up early!)

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