I love this! As a bi product of ABBA I have often been accused of the same thing you write about, and reading your blog post gave me such n interesting walk in the history of popculture, we are affected by similar things (in this case; tv shows and music) but end up being such different individuals.

By all fairness ABBA did sound awkward at times and imagine that clashing with English slang! People around me have often mentioned that I speak in slang, and I used to always joke and say it’s due to all the rap and hip hop I used to listen to during my teens. Which obviously is true to a certain degree. My father migrated to Sweden during the late 60s from Uganda (his parents moved to Uganda from India) and my mum was born in India but crossed the border to pakistan and then later on married my father and moved to Sweden. I grew up with a strong cultural background, in a very small suburbian town in Sweden. Foreigners were somewhat of a novelity during those times and i only had swedish friends and apart from my family life, all I knew was the swedish way. Then the world of hip hop hit me I used to listen to lyrics about segregation and racism, which to be honest, I had no experience of.
Reading your blog makes me realize that language is in fact an organic thing, it evolves and is very much situated.