Thank you, Maha, you explained away all my curiosity :). I am a native born US English speaker who is somewhat immersed in Indian culture – my inlaws are Punjabi but the community we live in here is almost entirely Southern Indian. I speak neither Tamil nor Hindi unfortunately, but I do speak some Spanish. It’s enough of a language hodgepodge that I pay attention to the way different people write and speak in English. My inlaws have lived in the US for almost 40 years. They went to English schools in India. They spoke English at University. My father-in-law had always been a fan of American culture growing up. And as I’ve said, they’ve lived in the US for almost 40 years, away from other Indians until recently- in other words they were surrounded by native US speakers all of that time – and they do not even come close to your nuanced use. I’m not talking about vocalized accent, I’m talking about phrasing, sentence rhythm, order of words, use of “sayings.” The “Yup” in your private message almost sent you through the roof of my measure of awesomeness. Thanks for making me smile 🙂