The Child Who Can’t Wait for #MYFest22

One morning, my child woke up and said, “I can’t wait for MYFest!” [If you don’t know what MYFest is,

Co-organizing the Learning Journey of Our Dreams #MYFest22

This post is about how I got together with a group of people (Mia, Rissa, Rebecca, Sukaina, Heather, Felicia, George, Anne-Mar

Five Easy Tips for Building Community Online

Got 5 minutes for 5 tips? So many of us are being asked to move to online with little time to prepare… when we thought w

Entangled Pedagogy Applied to Learning Spaces and Hyflex Teaching

Twice in the past week alone, I’ve found myself referring to “that model that Tim Fawns made, where it’s nei

Modeling Inquiry: The Ups & Downs of Guinea Pigs #digiURI

So in case you missed it on Twitter or one of my keynotes, we now have guinea pigs. The first pets my kid has ever had. The fi

New Year’s Resolution & Gratitude for 2020

I don’t often make resolutions at the start of a year, but this year I want to make one. It feels like the year to make

Join the Teach-In #AgainstSurveillance Dec 1st

Today at 6pm UTC join the Teach-In #AgainstSurveillance to support Ian Linkletter – to donate, register, and find out mo

Reuse & Remix of Student Assignments

An idea occurred to me yesterday and I tweeted it. I woke up this morning and found more than 300 likes on my tweets, and lots

Faculty Development During Times of Uncertainty as Fostering Imagination #facdev #covid19 #digPINS

I’ve been thinking, and thinking aloud with my boss, Hoda Mostafa, about how we can do relevant professional development

Facilitating #DigPINS @AUC This Summer inshallah

I’m really excited to be facilitating DigPINS @AUC this summer inshallah! The AUC site is at and


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