#Fedwiki like it’s 1973 – on context, voice, and getting heard

I wanted to give a clear example of something I have been talking about on #fedwiki, following Mike Caulfield’s style in his keynote by using historical example. Disclaimer: Mike, and everyone else from #fedwikihappening, I love you, I love what you do, and how sensitive you are, and this is not a criticism of you…

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Explaining Palestine to a 9 Year Old

I spent some time yesterday trying to explain Palestine to people who meant well but understood very little about the Palestinian situation. And then my husband and I discussed whether it’s time to discuss it with our daughter, but it kinda fell on me. It is difficult to know how to start and how far…

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Curating Resources for Futurizing Courses!

So I’m collaborating with some local colleagues on a Futurize Your Course competition as part of AUC’s Research and Creativity Convention in April. If you are an AUC faculty member or student, instructions are here and the expression of interest form is here: http://bit.ly/futurizeAUC As part of this we are planning to do some professional…

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Unifying & Dividing Labels: POC and Global South

I’ve written and spoken before about problematic uses of terms like diversity and inclusion. Today and yesterday, my Twitter has been filled with discussion of these two contentious terms: Global South and POC. I thought I should capture some of this, and clarify it in context. The first (Global South) came up because I shared…

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Is There Power Without English? 

A lot of things have me thinking about this question now. Particularly a presentation I am doing tomorrow as part of an OpenMed event in Cairo. So much discourse around self-directed, lifelong, autonomous learning is dependent on learners using the internet, and the majority of content online (especially of course academic content) is in English. …

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The #dlrn15 Discourse #Resonated #NotResonated

I’m going to share a story, and I promise it’s relevant to #dlrn15, just give me a chance, OK? If you don’t wanna hear too much backstory, jump to the numbered list at the bottom 🙂 At the beginning of my PhD, I wanted to explore whether critical thinking was truly discipline-specific or generic (one…

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Envisioning Process: Paradox of Leadership & Participation for #rhizo14 CAE (Collaborative Autoethnography)

I’m torn 😉 Between leading with what knowledge and experience I have, and saying it early and outright, thus imposing some sort of power. Once something is said by someone who is confident enough in themselves, it becomes more difficult for others to contribute. When I finished my PhD, I promised myself I would start…

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