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December 31, 2014
by Maha Bali

#Fedwiki like it’s 1973 – on context, voice, and getting heard

Reading Time: 3 minutesI wanted to give a clear example of something I have been talking about on #fedwiki, following Mike Caulfield’s style in his keynote by using historical example. Disclaimer: Mike, and everyone else from #fedwikihappening, I love you, I love what … Continue reading

August 27, 2014
by Maha Bali

Envisioning Process: Paradox of Leadership & Participation for #rhizo14 CAE (Collaborative Autoethnography)

Reading Time: 6 minutesI’m torn 😉 Between leading with what knowledge and experience I have, and saying it early and outright, thus imposing some sort of power. Once something is said by someone who is confident enough in themselves, it becomes more difficult … Continue reading


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