Please give feedback on my students’ empathy projects

So this semester , because of COVID-19, I modified my empathy project requirements in 2 ways A. They could do a poem from mult

Theater of the Oppressed, Digital Games, and more!

I just had two crazy thoughts. First, can we design online activities that take Theater of the Oppressed online in the same wa

Twitter Scavenger Hunt for Digital Literacies & Intercultural Learning May 2 2019 #netnarr

If you’re aren’t in my class, you are welcome to join our Twitter Scavenger Hunt, scheduled for Thursday May 2nd a

Feedback Requested on My Students’ Games

As I do every semester, I’m posting here links to my student’s digital narrative (choose-your-own-path) games for

Play Digital Student Games and Give Feedback Please #unboundeq

They are finally here!!! The digital narrative games my students created to build empathy. I am obviously more enthusiastic ab

Feedback Please on My Students’ Game Ideas #unboundeq

As with the past few semesters, my students are creating their own choose-your-own adventure narrative digital games. It reall

Empathy and Excuses in Class

So I read about an exercise called Empathy and Excuses in this article and I decided to do a pair then full group activity to

Student Digital Game Prototypes – Feeback welcome

So my students just submitted the first draft of their digital game prototypes – feedback from anyone anywhere in the wo

Four Stories to Remember from This Semester’s Class

This hasn’t been my best teaching semester by ANY stretch of the imagination,  for various reasons including just t

Student Game Ideas in Draft

This semester’s students have blogged their game ideas, which they are working on in groups of 4-6. If ¬†you have a minu


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